Wheel Fitting Guide Tool M12x1.5mm - Lug Guide Tool - Aluminium Alloy

Wheel Fitting Guide Tool M12x1.5mm - Lug Guide Tool - Aluminium Alloy

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High Quality Aluminium Wheel Hanger - M12x1.5mm Thread - Aluminium Alloy

- Brand New Wheel Hanger / Lug Hole Guide Tool with 12x1.5 Thread Pitch
- With this item, you no longer have to balance your wheels/tires on your feet/knees while trying to line up the lug holes
- Great Gift Idea!  Perfect for those who have different sets of wheels, like ones for summer & ones for winter
- Also perfect for track day events when you are switching to and from track tires
- It screws into any of the lug holes in your hub.  It holds your wheel in place while you install your other lug bolts

- the wheel into and help you to avoid the the brake caliper
Wheel hanger specification 
Brand: AutoRacingTechnik 
Quantity 2 pieces
Material: T6 6061
Length: 165mm
Thread length: 25mm
Thread pitch: 12 X 1.5 
Made in: Australia 


Smart - All

2007-2013 BMW 1-Series E81-E82-E87-E88

1975-2011 BMW 3-Series/M3 E21-E30-E36-E46-E90

1985-2011 BMW 5-Series/M3 E34-E39-E60-E61

1989-2010 BMW 6-Series/M6 E24-E63-E64

1983-2001 BMW 7-Series E23-E32-E38

1996-2004 BMW Z3 E36 
2002-2017 BMW Z4 E85-E86
2000-2003 BMW Z8 E52

2009-2015 BMW X1 E84


1982-1993 Mercedes 190 E W201
1995-2007 Mercedes C-Class W202-W203

1984-2002 Mercedes E-Class W124-W210

1972-1991 Mercedes S-Class W116-W126

2008-2011 Mercedes CLC W203 
1998-2009 Mercedes CLK W208-W209

1971-2002 Mercedes SL R107-R129

1998-Present Mercedes SLK R170-R171


1997-2003 VW Cabrio
1989-1992 VW Corrado
1985-1998 VW Golf 4- 
1981-1998 VW Jetta 4- 
1990-1997 VW Passat
1982-1989 VW Quantum
1981-1988 VW Scirocco


2001-2006 Mini Cooper R50-R52-R53


  • High-Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6.
  • Precision Engineered and Model Specific for Perfect Fit

Installation Instructions

Screw it into one of your lug holes at or near the 12 o'clock position

Put your wheel on.  The wheel hanger will go through 1 of the lug

Tighten your wheels using your other lug bolts

Take the wheel hanger off and install the last lug bolt

Torque the lug bolts in a star pattern using factory torque specs

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